5 Tips To Ensure A Fair Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

Motor Vehicle Accidents are the collision of two motor vehicles where both or one party suffers a personal injury. Motor vehicle accident cases can be fought by personal injury lawyers. Such accidents usually start with the adjuster having a settlement reserve in mind for you. Sometimes the amount you receive may not be what you expected to or deserved for the motor vehicle accident. The following tips may help you get a fair settlement:


  1. Keep an amount in mind: Conduct a simple research for yourself and fix a reasonable claim amount for your motor vehicle accident. You can set a minimum amount to provide a base for you to negotiate with. If the adjuster provides evidence which can weaken your claim, you may have to lower it or if you find evidence which strengthens your case, you can increase the claim. This will serve as a base for you so you don’t get caught off-guard during negotiations.
  2. Keep a thorough record of the damages and injuries incurred: Make a collection of your medical injuries and the damages done to the vehicle in the motor vehicle accident. This will serve as evidence while negotiating. You can also make an estimate of your claim with the help of these documents.
  3. Don’t settle for something you don’t feel is appropriate: Adjusters will be pressured to get you to settle for a small amount for your claim. Try to be patient and negotiate for a better offer. It should be close to the minimum claim you have decided. Don’t settle for the first offer that the adjuster puts on the table. You can negotiate till you reach an offer for your motor vehicle accident claim.
  4. Know when to hire a lawyer: If in case, you feel like your motor vehicle accident claim negotiations aren’t going as you hoped or expected, you can hire a personal injury lawyer to help you with the negotiations.
  5. Play the emotion card: Nothing works better than emotions during a motor vehicle accident case. Make sure the emotion triggering points of your case are well highlighted.

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